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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@back in the spotlight. @how the browns are responding @to a report the team @covered for the quarterback @when he was drunk. @>> i haven't done anything @wrong. @>> we have not done anything @wrong, but i was @absolutely not aware of any of @this. @>> jimmy haslin's company is in @more trouble. @the serious punishment eight of @his top executives @could face in that rebate @scandal. @>> from the station that sees @it possible, this is @channel 3 news, brought to you @by the calv,tta @brothers floor show. @it autos too them to fall in @love again with your @home. @now channel 3 news at 7. @>> good evening. @been a busy day. @looks like it's going to be a @busy night, too. @more snow is falling across @northeast ohio. @betsy the here to explain. @this is only the beginning of @the lake effect snow. @hi. @>> reporter: that's right. @the advisory and warnings @haven't kicked into gear @yet. @that starts at 11:00 tonight as @we start to see that @lake effect really lining up. @for now it's just general light @to moderate snow @that's falling in northern @ohio. @as temperatures are hovering in
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@right around 30 '0, the road @salt is very effective. @no big concerns as far as the @roadways go. @visibility could be an issue @from time to time not @only because of the snow @falling, which the darker @the purple, the heavier the @snow, but also because @of road spray being kicked up @by cars in front of @you. @keep that in the back of your @mind. @if you have travel plans around @this evening, @running a couple errands, we @are starting to see @winds lining up a little better @to the north of us @in a more favorable direction @from the surface two @levels aloft. @that will get the snow band @going. @we are expecting multiple bands @to oscillate back @and forth. @it will be aiming to the @primary snow belt. @lake-snow advisories through @4:00 thursday for lake @and lake shore, ash taboo la @county so far. @we'll continue to see how @things shape up as far as @the forecast goes. @and we're talking about some @really cold air this @weekend, jimmy. @i've got those details in your @forecast in just a @little bit. @>> all right.
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@second case of the @zika virus hours after we find @out about the first @one. @one is in stark county, and the @other is in chi hoe @bay county. @monica robbins explains how @both of them contracted @the infection. @hi, monica. @>> hi, jimmy. @the cases are not linked, but @both people contracted the @virus in haiti. @the latest is a 21-year-old man @from stark county. @the first is a 30-year-old @woman from cleveland. @according to the ohio @department of health, the @woman started having symptoms @on january 25. @this symptoms include fever, @rash, joint pain, red @eyes, or conjunctivitis. @she was diagnosed with zika in @haiti. @upon returning to cleveland @last week, saw her @private practice doctor, who @reported her case to @the cleveland health @department. @the woman's symptoms cleared @up. @she was never hospitalized. @>> joining me now is dr. @tosingogy, an obgyn @specialist at cleveland clinic @to clear up some @misconception.
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@howest it be contracted? @. @>> the zika virus can be trance @acted sexually and @also through blood trance @fusion. @the red cross is holding blood @donated from patients @of people who just traveled to @a zika area. @so if someone traveled to a @zika zone, the red cross @will not accept the blood, at @least for 28 days. @>> reporter: so what we do @know is pregnant women @need to be aware of this, and @women who are thinking @about becoming pregnant. @what do they need to be aware @of, and what are you @doing for them? @. @>> so women who are pregnant or @thinking of getting @pregnant that just came back @from an area where the @zika virus infection is ongoing @should contact their @primary care provider or the @obstetrician. @the cdc has guidance for what @should be done for @such patients.
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@to a zika area @should actually get screened @for the zika virus. @>> reporter: and if you're @traveling to one of @those areas, how do you prevent @this? @how do you protect yourself? @>> reporter: the cdc @recommendation is that all @-- people hoping to get @pregnant should not travel, @postpone travel arrangements. @if you have to travel, they're @recommending you -- @>> you can use deet if you're @pregnant? @. @>> correct. @>> zika has been sort of kind @of linked to guillen. @>> sorias syndrome. @micro receively is when the @head of the baby, it's @smaller than what is expected. @when a baby is born, within 24
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@head's frame, and if it's less @than the third @percentile for the standard of @the nation, we say @the baby has micro receively. @it's been linked to the zika @virus. @the cdc is still conducting a @actually know what the @association between the zika @virus and micro receively is. @the cdc has noted some patients @who have the zika @virus or suspected to have the @zika virus infection @gently develop the syndrome, @but we don't know what @the link or that association is @yet. @>> so we still need to work on @a lot of -- @>> there's a lot of research @going on. @>> okay. @and no doubt we're probably @going to see a lot more @cases, jimmy. @we'll keep an eye on it. @back to you. @>> thank you very much, monocar @accident and doctor. @ developing tonight, we are @learning more about @how police found a body over on @cleveland's east @side. @witnesses reported hearing
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@123rd street and larchmere @boulevard. @when detective i was responded, @they found a body @inside the car with several @gunshot wounds. @detectives say someone set fire @to the car. @it's considered a homicide @investigation. @authorities have not yet @identified the victim. @ so it's been a tough day @for browns owner jimmy @haslan on and off the field. @on the field we'll begin with. @more on johnny manziel. @according to reports by the nfl @network's michael @silver, during the final week @of the regular season, @a browns player told silver @that manzi,l showed up @drunk to practice on wednesday, @leading up to the @january 3rd finale against the @pittsburgh @steelers. @and then the browns lied about @it and said he was in @the concussion protocol @instead. @silver said later on, during @the day, that he @regrets saying the word "lie," @but he does stand by @his report manziel was drunk. @an nfl spokesperson said they @don't have any comment @on the report. @that led to this statement by
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@manziel came to our facility on @the morning of @december 30th, and complained @of concussion @simple. @he was tested by an independent @neurologist, and @then entered the league's @concussion protocol. @he remained in the protocol @until january 12th @after being cleared by the @independent neurologist." @now to the off-the-field part, @john mccainny @haslet has flying pilot jay to @worry ant. @it's his company. @executives are facing federal @charges after @indictments were unsealed @today. @sarah shookman has been @following this story since @it broke a long time ago over @the rebate scheme, and @that started back in 2013. @>> it's been almost three @years, jimmy. @we aren't talking about @staffers. @these are executives, people @who climbed the company @up to the company's former
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@reported directly to haslen. @. @>> people who work for pilot @flying j apparently mad @bad decisions. @>> reporter: a grand jury @indicted employees @today, sales reps, vice @presidents, even @ex-president mark hazelwood. @at the top only the kfo and @owner jimmy haslan has @not been charged. @wrong. @i was not aware of any of this. @>> reporter: since 2013, ten @pilot employees cut @deals with federal prosecutors, @pleading guilty to @fraud, and helping build a case @against their @coworkers, a case that started @with secret @recordings from two employees @turned fbi informants. @investigators found trucking @company customers were @promised rebates for buying @diesel, but they never @received what they were owed. @instead the excess boosted @sales numbers until the @plan was uncovered in the 2013 @tax-day raid haslam's @attorneys have settled with the
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@out of trouble. @if convicted these eight @employees along with the @ten who already said they were @guilty could pay with @jail time for mail and wire- @fraud charges in this, @jimmy. @>> all right. @so this has been quiet for a @long time. @we went the whole football @season and didn't hear @anything about this story. @now that it comes back at us, @could the owner of the @browns still be charged? @. @>> the ongoing to question, @right? @seems likely at this point, but @it's not impossible. @many people have asked this @question since july 2014 @when the company made that @settlement with the @department of justice to avoid @liability as a whole. @that was negotiated by haslam's @own torn. @this is just the beginning of a @criminal process for @those eight defendants, all now @claiming innocence. @we will see what comes out of @those proceedings. @>> all right. @thanks a lot, sarah. @ if you could give yourself @a raise, would you? @chi hoe bay county's council @had that option today, @and they considered it. @but as channel 3's andrew @haranskys plains, it
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@he joins us live to tell us all @about it. @hi, andrew. @>> reporter: their meeting @wrapped up just a @short time ago, and i have to @tell you, these @council members are getting a @lot of flak from this, @both from the public and from @the media; but in the @end, they did what many of us @only wish we could do, @and they gave themselves a @raise. @and it's fairly big one at @that. @15 and a half percent more than @what they've been @making up till now. @keep in mind, these are part- @time jobs, which come @with what many would consider @to be a respectable @full-time salary, one that @comes with benefits at @that. @until now, chi hoe bay county @council members made @about $45,000 a year for their @work. @starting in 2019, they'll be @making 52,000. @jack shrine was among the few @council members today @to vote against this, worrying @the higher pay sends @it wrong message. @>> i don't want to see the tone @of the charter as it @was created for these part-time @jobs to become @fulltime. @so i respectfully understand my @other colleague's @points of view, and encourage @them to vote no on
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@>> i think this legislation is @quite reasonable, and @is aimed at having a viable @council in the 20 20s, @and so i am -- have no @reluctance at all to support @this resolution. @>> reporter: last week, a @channel 3 investigation @reveal the council members make @far more than their @count parts do in cities such @as, st. louis, mick, @pittsburgh. @but as some stressed to us as @well as to their @constituents today, they had @not had a raise in @eight years. @back to you, jimmy. @>> thanks very much, andrew. @ and when we come back on @the news at 7, all that @jazz and more. @for those who can't spend fat @tuesday in new @destination right @here in our backyard. @how you can celebrate in style @trip. @>> plus the reason you might @not be able to spend @memorial day weekend at a very @popular rib cookoff @this year.
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@ @s @>> niece talking to you. @>> how do you celebrate? @how do you do it at grove hill? @. @l.a. @and cajun creole @foods. @we have a fantastic jazz band, @called the new
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@they're kicking it up, and lot @of oysters, @hurricanes, sazarak's, @everything new orleans. @>> wow. @that sounds terrific. @let me ask you, have you ever @celebrated it in new @orleans. @>> i personally have not. @it's next on my list of things @to do. @>> tell me this, as you get set @for this, do you @find people really let it loose @on fat tuesday night @before they get ready for the @40 days of lent? @. @>> yeah, absolutely. @everyone is having a good time. @afraid the weather may have @kept a few away tonight. @but the people here are @definitely diehards. @it's ramping up now. @absolutely. @>> personally tim, what's your @favorite thing to @maybe bing on on fat tuesday? @. @>> you know, jim, i'm a big fan @of oysters.
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@we did sausage this morning for @our jumbo and @jambalaya. @i'm going to eat plenty of that @next few days. @anything spicy is up my ally. @>> okay. @so now, as i say, we go into @lent, and there's, of course, @the people do not eat meat on @fridays on @l,nt. @do you have specials coming up @for the lenten @season? @. @>> yeah, absolutely. @every weekend, we do a lot of @sea-food specials, and @we'll be expanding that a @little bit. @so there will be lot of options @for people that want @to eat some fish. @>> all right. @some people who are in the area @tonight can still @get over to grove hill. @you have a great band there, @too, right? @. @>> absolutely. @they're taking a little break @now, but they're going @to be kicking it up good @shortly. @i think. @absolutely. @we got a little space, like i @said. @if you're brave issues get out @here. @we're having a good time. @>> tim, thank you very much for @joining us on fat @tuesday, and thanks for giving @us a picture of @what's going on over there at
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@>> absolutely. @thanks, jim. @>> all right. @thank you. @ still to come on the news @at 7, another big food @event, but this one might be @canceled. @the big hurdle that could mean @no rib cookoff in @cleveland this memorial day @weekend. @imagine that. @>> plus which areas could get @more snow over the @next couple of days? @and when to watch out for it.
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@ @ it still remains to be seen @whether another @group will come in, take over @the cookoff to keep it @running. @wow, all right. @we ole wait to see on that one. @>> boy, you look at that with @the sun, and you think @heat. @>> rib cookoff. @i looked at your numbers for @the remainder of the @week, and i said to cheryl, i @said, "look at these @numbers," and she said, "it @eels time to put the @blankets back on" -- @>> get them all ready to go. @blankets on the horses, bring @in the dogs, get @everybody ready. @>> we go with the cashmere @horses. @>> nothing but the best for the @horses. @when i go back eventually, i @want to come back --
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@>> there you go. @>> i'm going to -- definitely. @ let's take a look what's @going on as far as the @forecast goes. @>> well clarified. @noted. @>> i know how things go over @there. @>> all right. @we do have the scattered snow @showers around the @eastern half of the country, @and a lot of this is @due to the same storm system we @were watching @yesterday. @you can kind of see this @general large circulation @over the eastern half of the @country, and that's @locked in place. @once we start to see that @circulation moving east, @cold air from the north will @unleash on northern @ohio. @it's going to come in two @steps: the first step @coming in thursday; the second @step coming in @saturday. @in between we have lake effect @snow we'll be dealing @with. @we have lake effect going on @now. @we have a wfaa of energy @working across lake erie @through northern ohio. @we have this wide-spread @general light to moderate @snow. @northbound you can see how we @have the light snow @starting to line up with some @bands, and typically @if you look farther north, you @can line up all of @those snow bands, and watch how
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@we are expecting a in facterly @wind, which means @multiple snow bands across much @of northern ohio. @so primary and secondary snow @belts come into play. @light to moderate snow in the @area now. @a lot of this is not really @adding up to much of @anything. @but we will see those northwest @winds, concluding @off some lake effect snow bands @as we go through the @night tonight to start the day @tomorrow as well. @we could have rough spots with @the morning commute @midday, and then also for the @evening commute the @we'll continue to have @scattered snow showers @midday, and then, as we head @through the afternoon @into the evening, scattered @snow showers, at times @will be heavy. @those are known as squalls. @and those will be responsible @for some @accumulations. @but as far as tomorrow's @accumulations go, that is @justice one piece of the bigger @picture, and so i'm @just going to show you the end @total the. @generally speaking 2 to 4. the @closer you get to the primary @belt, the higher
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@in excess of 6 to 8 inches of @snow. @that's why that 10 inches is @there with a plus sign. @20s through the day tomorrow. @flurries and snow showers will @be around. @look at thursday on your window @nations 7-day @forecast. @only going to be in the teens. @by friday, we get a little @bump, and then the real @big surge of nasty cold comes @in. @that's the coldest air we've @seen yet thissen is. @that 15 is a little deceiving @on the forecast, @jimmy. @we'll be in the single digits @all day on saturday, @and then, on sunday, we will @start near 0 in the @morning. @>> wow. @okay. @so we'll be ready for that. @ are the cavs ready for the @laker tomorrow night? @they should be. @we'll say good-bye to kobe @bryant and his farewell @tour. @cleveland is the stop tomorrow
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@ @ tomorrow night at the q. @that's the last game before the @all star break, and @the cats have the best record @in the eastern @conference. @kobe bryant will make news @tomorrow night as his @final appearance at the q. this @is his last season in. @his farewell tour shows a @softer side to kobe bryant @most have never seen before. @he's always been such a @ferocious competitor. @>> now he's finally enjoying @the game. @he's finally opening it up to @more people. @like, his competitive nature @wouldn't let him open @to other guys, enjoy the game, @enjoy the moment. @it was always about winning, @winning, winning, @winning the championship, and @not open up to guys. @i'm very happy for him now. @>> his greatest game at the q, @if i remember, was, like, back @in 2001, and i think he scored @47 points
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@he is struggling this year, and @so are they. @and the 2nd worst record in @the. @unbelievable. @ that's going to do it for @us. @''entertainment tonight" is @coming up next. @it's a busy night. @russ and sarah are back at 11. @we'll be back with them. @an update on what's going on on @the new hampshire @primary over at @bundle up. @have a good night, everybody. @>> thanks for watching channel @3 news. @take channel 3 news and weather @with you wherever @you go.
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